Meet Carly

A note to my clients & community:

I have had the utmost pleasure of leading high performing teams planning some of the most high-profile and elite celebrations. I am so honoured to have designed unforgettable weddings, baby showers and events for clients like Aritzia, The Melanoma Network of Canada, The 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and countless others.

We at, Smith & Co, have a knack for making our clients’ dreams come true through strategic planning, stylish design, valuable experience and unparalleled execution.

In my spare time (what’s spare time again?), I love spending time with my family, volunteering with the Melanoma Network of Canada spreading awareness on Melanoma and advocating for sun safety and early cancer detection as well as traveling the world for inspiration and of course Instagramming away at @smithcoeventsltd.

Smith & Co is based in White Rock, BC but we bring events to life all over the world creating memories that will last beyond a life time.

“By far, the most valuable life lesson I’ve learned, is the most precious thing we have is our time – to give, to have, to lose.

Our team at Smith & Co. is honored every time a client shares their time with us – we respect it, we listen, and we honour it by the way we do business.

Our mission is to deliver an experience that goes above and beyond, creating memories that will last beyond a life time.”

xx Carly

Meet the Team

I always say I'm only as good as my team! We are a high performing team of hard working, artistic, and dedicated dream makers. I have chosen a diverse and talented team so that we could create events involving as few as 2 people, or as many as 1000's. We all have important roles in the company, and we love the challenges and the collaborations we are blessed to be a part of... a vast array of celebrations - from intimate dinner parties to truly spectacular weddings across the globe. Every event excites us all, and we are passionate about creating memories for you, and your family and friends. There are several options for you to work with me and/or my team, and we would love to meet with you and chat about your visions and hopes for a memorable life experience.